Appeal to Abkhazians: do not allow the resettlement of the abolished "Artsakh" in Abkhazia

30.09.23 9:25

On the eve of September 28, 2023, when the so-called "Artsakh" was officially abolished by the separatist so-called "president", the issue of the necessity of forming a "government of "Artsakh" in exile" was actively discussed among separatists. The fact that "Artsakh" is now abolished does not remove the urgency of the issue among Armenian nationalists. But most likely it will not be "the government of Artsakh in exile", but "the government of Artsakh in a new place". From where it will not move to the "old place" - to Azerbaijani Karabakh.


 And one can guess where this place will be and where almost the whole separatist "Artsakh" will "move", together with its "citizens", unkilled "army" and separatist leaders.


Let us remember that even the Republic of Armenia itself has not recognized the "independence" of the so-called "Artsakh". And it has been recognized by three sub-"states" - Transnistria, separatist Abkhazia and so-called South Ossetia. Logically, these unrecognized "states" should give shelter to the citizens of the so-called "state" which they "recognize". Since this "state" has been abolished in Azerbaijan-Karabakh, the whole "state" will have to be "sheltered" on its territory.


The "Artsakh" separatists cannot enter Transnistria if they want to. This part of Moldova borders only on Ukraine, which is known to be at war with Artsakh's main sponsor and defender - the Russian Federation. There is almost no Armenian population in the deserted separatist so-called "South Ossetia" - historical Georgian Samachablo, except for a few people. And the infrastructure of this separatist territory is so dilapidated that it is incapable of supporting even the severely depleted Ossetian population. The Tskhinvali region is in an economic geopolitical "dead end," and the Ossetians themselves are leaving it.


That leaves Georgian Abkhazia. Land that the Khai nationalists have "claimed" for themselves and have already become a majority here, outnumbering the Abkhazians themselves, whose numbers are falsely "added" by separatist censuses. In the economy, the dominance of the local Khai communities is total.


And the most important thing - Karabakh Hayes have already started to look for and through shadowy schemes to "buy" Abkhazian land and real estate, as well as separatist "citizenship" immediately after the 44-day war. Since then, even officially over 3 thousand Hayes, a significant part of whom are "Artsakh" Hayes, have become "citizens of Abkhazia".


Even after the 44-day war, a faithful servant of Hay's lobby, separatist militant, now fighting in Ukraine, commander of the mercenary brigade "Pyatnashka" Akhra Avidzba offered to settle "unfortunate Karabakh refugees" in Abkhazia. At the time, his proposal caused outrage among Abkhazians. But now Akhra Avidzba is a "hero" who has thousands of thugs under his command. In case of what he will come from the Ukrainian front with his fighters (among them a mass of ethnic Hayes, including Hayan battalion "Arbat") and they will quickly put in place those who dare to offend "victims of genocide".


It is obvious that mass resettlement of many thousands of separatist "Artsakh" in Abkhazia is practically a settled issue. All the more, in the Republic of Armenia itself Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan does not want to keep the "Artsakh" separatists, who hate him at all, and is trying to send them "far away".


So far, the Kremlin hopes to topple Pashinyan with the help of the Artsakh refugees, and they will stay in Armenia for another week or two. But then they will inevitably go to Russia, although they are unlikely to settle there.


In Russia itself, the "combat-ready" Artsakh separatists will face the prospect of being mobilized and sent to the front for the Ukrainian war (this prospect has already been discussed in the programs of Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Soloviev), with the "Artsakhs" being offered Ukrainian land in the Kherson region under Russian occupation in exchange for the Karabakh land.


But the waterless steppes of the Ukrainian Kherson region, divided by the front under the shelling of the "Artsakh" separatists, are unlikely to attract them. But the seaside resort of Abkhazia is a free-for-all for them. Moreover, Ruben Tatulyan and his friends have already managed to "buy" a huge fund of "trophy" real estate, which is just waiting for new settlers from the "long-suffering people".


Abkhazia and the Abkhazian people are in mortal danger of losing their land.


In this regard, the patriots of Georgia appeal to their Abkhazian brothers - do not allow the mass resettlement of ethnically alien and tainted by crimes against the peaceful Azerbaijani population of Karabakh Hayes on our land. If you let them into your house, you will cease to be masters in it and you will lose your land. The settlers will do the same to you as they did to their Azerbaijani neighbors in Karabakh, if not worse!


Remember that the separatist "Artsakh" was almost the most mono-ethnic entity in the history of mankind. Even in extremely mono-ethnic Armenia there was a Yezidi minority, but in Artsakh there was none. After moving to Abkhazia, "Artsakh" separatists will organize here the usual mono-ethnic Hayan "Artsakh", where in the end there will not be a single Abkhazian left!


The Karabakh Hayes have a great opportunity to become full citizens of France. France is the country that originally sponsored and supported their separatist project. Marseille and other French provinces have no moral right to deny help to all the Hayes who need it. Our editorial staff intends to write official appeals to the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and other French politicians with a request to support the resettlement in France of Karabakh Hayes who left Karabakh voluntarily.



Alexandre Zaqariadze

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