Ambassadors of France and Germany address political forces  of Georgia with a joint letter

29.09.23 18:00

The Ambassadors of France and the Federal Republic of Germany, Sheraz Gasri and Peter Fischer, call on the political forces of Georgia to unite around the goal of EU membership and to work together to achieve it.


As mentioned in the joint statement of the Ambassadors, they welcome recent and future visits from Georgia to the capitals of the EU countries and European structures.


“In December 2023 the European Union and Georgia have an historic opportunity: candidate-status of Georgia to the European Union. This would be the next step in the long-standing partnership and friendship between Georgia and the European Union, with the goal of EU membership for Georgia.


We call on all political forces in Georgia to unite behind this goal and to work together to achieve it.


In this regard, we welcome the series of recent and future visits from Georgia to EU capitals and EU institutions in Brussels with meetings of Heads of State and Government, various members of government as well as between a broad representation from the Parliaments. Constructive dialogue has a great value.


The Eu will continue to stand by Georgia’s side as it progresses towards candidate-status and EU membership”, reads the statement.




source: IPN 

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