Giorgi Vashadze: "Dreamers" are Russians - this is the essence of the statement of the SSG

18.09.23 17:30

"Dreamers" are Russians - this is the essence of the statement of State Security Service - the content of this statement is that Otar Partskhaladze is not the only one, but one of those in the Russian espionage scheme that operates in Georgia at the behest of Georgian Dream, this is how Giorgi Vashadze, the leader of Strategy Builder, responds to the statement of the SSG.


According to Vashadze, SSG has confirmed with today's statement that not only the Prosecutor's Office and the Financial Police, but also the State Security Service is controlled by Partskhaladze.


According to Vashadze, "SSG is a very heavily infiltrated Russian spy network that is connected to Partskhaladze".


"The public is waiting for the Russian spy network to be revealed. Partskhaladze has been sanctioned by the US for running a Russian espionage scheme. In this background, SSG is spreading this nonsense and absurdity, the only purpose of which is to talk about everything except the fact that the Russian spy network is operating in Georgia.


All this is happening due to the fact that today the SSG is controlled by Partskhaladze and Russia.


These people want to make us believed that Gia Lortkipanidze, who is fighting against Russia on the side of Ukrainians, is an enemy of Georgia and Partskhaladze is a friend of Georgia.


Today, when all the work should be on exposing the Russian spy network, on removing all the persons related to Partskhaladze from official posts, on fulfilling the recommendations of the European Union so that Georgia becomes a full-fledged member, they are fighting the state interests of Georgia again and again, they are fighting us.


They are fighting the Georgian people, inventing absurdities, making up fairy tales in order to subjugate Georgia to Russia from the beginning to the end," said Giorgi Vashadze.





source: IPN 

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