By government’s decision, student debts will be written off

15.09.23 15:20

The government has made a decision to write off the debts of students whose status has been suspended.


Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili announced about the relevant initiative at today's government meeting.


According to him, the status of 30,000 students has been suspended, whose debts amount to 40 million GEL.


"I asked about the issue of suspended students and received detailed information from the Minister of Education. About 30,000 students have their status suspended due to financial debt. Therefore, by my decision, we will write off the debts of all of the students who have suspended status and they will be able to reinstate their status and continue their studies. There is a debt of 40 million GEL. I would like to appeal to our ministers, the Ministers of Education and Finance, to establish communication and resolve the mentioned issue immediately. It is important to give students the opportunity to continue their studies," said the Prime Minister.




source: IPN 

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