Lawyer says woman, charged with stabbing 3-year-old child, suffers from paranoid schizophrenia

11.09.19 14:20

Tamar Sadzaglishvili, the woman who has been charged with stabbing a 3-year-old child on Pekini Avenue in Tbilisi, is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, Sadzaglishvili’s lawyer Alexi Gabunia told InterPressNews.


The lawyer considers that this circumstance is the ground for excluding the criminal liability of his client. According to Gabunia, he took Tamar Sadzaglishvili’s health record from the clinic where the defendant was undergoing treatment. The lawyer said he would enclose the document to the case materials.


Tamar Sadzaglishvili has not undergone forensic assessment to determine if she has a mental health disorder.



source: IPN


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