"Keep Georgia Tidy" – Georgia-Sweden governments begin new project

11.09.19 12:20

The ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, The Greens Movement of Georgia and  the nongovernmental organization Keep Georgia Tidy (KGT) begins implementing of  a new project “Keep Georgia Tidy” with the support of Sweden government.


Ulrik Tideström,  the Ambassador of Sweden to Georgia and Armenia made a statement about the project and the  importance of environment protection in detail at the Ministry of Environment Protection:


The main aim of the project is to reduce polluting the environment and greenhouse gases by 2030, promoting sustainable environmental education and circular economy (a circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources).The main target groups of the project are The Government of Georgia, business sector and the population of the country”, said Ulrik Tideström.”

The project Keep Georgia Tidy will continue for four years (2019-2023) in collaboration with The Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, The Greens Movement of Georgia and nongovernmental organization Keep Georgia Tidy. Local and Sweden partner-organizations and Georgian Society of Nature Explorers “Orchis” will be actively involved in the implementation of the project. Environmental Information and Education Centre and Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia are also the partners of the project.


Events planned within the project will be held in Tbilisi, 10 regions of Georgia, 63 municipalities and 4 self-governing cities.


In parallel with the World Clean Up Campaign, activities are planned nationwide on September 20-22.


The campaign will start in the surrounding area of Tbilisi Sea and will cover up to 1,000 locations nationwide over three days.


The project Keep Georgia Tidy is the continuation of the Clean Up Georgia Campaign (between 2010-2018), which was also carried out with the support of the Swedish government.



source: AGENDA

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