Georgian Khujabi Monastery seized by Armenia deteriorates rapidly

20.07.23 22:35

"The Caucasus Plus has already repeatedly written about the sad fate of the Khujabi Monastery, a unique monument of Georgian architecture. This monastery was illegally "appropriated" by Armenia, which unilaterally and unilaterally "moved" the border to the north of Khujabi.


As a result, the main temple of the Khujabi monastery, the territory of which in the years of the USSR certainly belonged to the Georgian SSR, was appropriated by Armenia. Armenia deliberately prevents delimitation and demarcation of the Georgian-Armenian border on this section of the border in order to preserve the illegal "seizures" that it has been carrying out for many years through creeping annexation of Georgian territory.


 All attempts of the Georgian side to organize at least access of restorers or priests of the Georgian Orthodox Church to the shrine have failed. There was even an incident when a group of Georgian journalists approaching the temple were met with gunfire by Armenian border guards. Meanwhile, the unique temple is rapidly deteriorating. And this is confirmed by Armenian citizens who visit those places.


Recently, a Facebook user under the nickname Սիրուն Հայաստանս ("Sirun Hayastans" or "Dear Armenia") published photos of Khujabi. They show how the roof and dome of the temple are literally overgrown with trees. Tree roots are penetrating between the stones and destroying the structure. A little more - and it will be impossible to save the temple. You can see how stone carvings are falling off the dome, unique bas-reliefs are still preserved by a miracle, the forest is literally "swallowing" the temple.


Here's a photo of The Khujabi Monastery's current condition.






"And in the end nature will win over..... The Khujabi Monastery" - writes "Sirun Hayastans" a comment under their photos.


Alas, it is not "nature" that wins, but Armenian nationalist barbarism. Armenia has not only appropriated someone else's holy shrine, it is deliberately ruining it, not restoring it itself and not letting Georgians do it.


It is necessary to immediately raise the issue of returning the Khujabi Monastery to its rightful owner - the Georgian Orthodox Church!



George Kvinitadze

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