Armenians on the Georgian land in Samtskhe-Javakheti established a monument to the separatist executioner

15.05.19 14:20

How would Georgia react to the country if a monument was established on its territory to a murderer of the Georgian civilian population to the executioner separatist Vladislav Ardzinba? And if like-minded people and comrades-in-arms of this executioner put monuments on Georgian territory?


This would be regarded as spitting in the soul of the Georgian people and support for separatism.


But here on the Georgian land there is established a monument to the killer of civilians, an executor-separatist, whose friends - "brothers" killed the peaceful Georgian population in Abkhazia. And official Georgian civil servants, albeit of Armenian nationality, participate in this blasphemy.


We are talking about the opening on January 20 in the village of Bugashen of the Akhalkalaki municipality a monument to the Armenian separatist and terrorist, a participant in the genocide of the Azerbaijani civilian population in Karabakh, Mikhail Avagyan.


The opening date of the monument was not chosen accidently, but January 20 in Azerbaijan was the Day of National Grief over the bloody events of January 1990, because of which 134 civilians were killed, more than 700 people were injured.


Mikhail Avagyan was born in the village of Bugashen, after 8 years of school in the village he continued his education at a technical school in the city of Razdan of Armenia. After the army, he entered the Sverdlovsk School of Internal Affairs, and after that, he worked in Abkhazia in the internal affairs bodies.


This is a very significant moment. After all, Armenian terrorists did not lose touch with each other. Especially those Armenians who worked in the systems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KGB - they formed the backbone of the battalion named after Baghramyan in Abkhazia known for their wildness.


Thus, the Armenian friends of Mikhail Avagyan in Abkhazia later became “glorified” by the atrocities committed against the peaceful Georgian population. And today, a mass of Georgians, whom Mikhail Avagyan’s friends and “comrades-in-arms” have driven out of their homes, having killed or tortured their loved ones, cannot return to their homeland. Meanwhile, monuments to the comrade-in-arms of their murderers and persecutors are established in Georgia.


After working in Abkhazia, Mikhail Avagyan moved to Armenia in the village of Sarnakhbyur, where he married. But if Mikhail Avagyan stayed in Abkhazia, he would surely have killed Georgian women, old people and children together with his Bagramyan’s friends. Then maybe a trophy Georgian house would have looked after itself. Would it have been possible for him to establish a monument near Akhalkalaki?


 “When the war in Nagorno-Karabakh began, Mikhail Avagyan participated in the hostilities in Horadiz, Khojaly, Gadrut and Fizuli and became known as “Cobra” because he knew Azerbaijani that helped him in reconnaissance,” - Armenian sources said.


What did these "scouts" – is well known. They corrected the fire of Armenian artillery on the homes of Azerbaijanis, and gave a "tip" to terrorists so that they could destroy the defenseless civilians.


In addition, Mikhail Avagyan was among the executioners of Khojaly - an Azerbaijani city, hundreds of which civilians were brutally murdered by Armenian militants.


However, retribution caught the executioner. Mikhail Avagyan was wounded by a sniper during the fighting for the Horadiz Bridge and died on the way to the hospital. There is no doubt that if this geek remained alive, he could well be back in Abkhazia, where he would continue to apply his “experience” against Georgians.


The fact that the separatists put a monument to the separatists in Georgia in the region, infected with separatism with the participation of the Armenian ambassador to Georgia, is a disgrace and unthinkable humiliation for Georgians. It turns out that Armenian nationalists are simply mocking the Georgian people, praising the separatists. And at the same time, Armenians living in Georgia are being prepared for similar bloody separatist "feats".


Armenians prepared thoroughly for the opening of the monument to the separatist executioner in Bugashen. Guests from neighboring villages arrived, people from other countries gathered. Local authorities represented by the mayor of Akhalkalaki Yurik Hunanyan, the chairman of the Sakrebulo Nairi Iritsyan were invited to the opening ceremony, as well as the deputies Enzel Mkoyan and Samvel Manukyan were presented too. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Armenia to Georgia Ruben Sadoyan represented Armenia at this event.


Before the opening of the monument to Mikhail Avagyan, a requiem service took place in the Armenian church of the village. After the guests were welcomed with bread and salt. Armenian Ambassador to Georgia Ruben Sadoyan and philanthropist Gagik Avagyan cut the red ribbon. After the official laying of a wreath, the son, the daughter and grandson of Mikhail Avagyan opened the monument. Boys in military uniform laid a wreath to him. The celebration program continued with poetry, songs and dances with the participation of children and the Bugashen rural club.


Thus, for Armenians of Samtskhe-Javakheti, who are infected with completely wild separatism and call this Georgian land “originally Armenian “Javakhk” already has “a role model”.


Meanwhile, local Armenians are already making attacks on Georgians during their “genocidal” processions, and there have already been attempts to seize the Georgian temple of Kumurdo by force.


There is no doubt that if you continue to let things go on, just as Mikhail Avagyan killed Azerbaijani civilians, and his fellow tribesmen in Abkhazia killed peaceful Georgians during the 1992-1993 war — in the same way “Javakh” Armenian separatists will kill their neighbors Georgians.


Such a glorification of the separatist executioner in the country, which lost 20% of its territory and tens of thousands of dead because of the separatists, and also has hundreds of thousands of refugees (against the return of which regularly at the UN General Assembly Armenia votes against) is unacceptable. Especially in the region, which the Armenian separatists are striving to tear off from Georgia.                                                                                                




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