Marina Kaljurand: The relations between the Georgian government and Western partners were stormy and chaotic last year - we will have to discuss many difficult issues at the session of the Association Committee

08.06.23 15:50

Relations between the Georgian authorities and Western partners, and especially with the European Parliament, were stormy and chaotic over the past year, European Parliamentarian Marina Kaljurand said at the 12th session of the EU-Georgia Parliamentary Association Committee (PAC) in Brussels.


According to her, in the coming months, the European Commission will assess the progress that Georgia has achieved in terms of fulfilling the 12 priorities.


"The implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union is extremely important. This issue is even more relevant today, because in a few months the European Commission will assess the progress made regarding the 12 priorities that the Georgian authorities must fulfill if they want the country to be granted the status of a candidate for the European Union. We have a lot to discuss, and there is no need to hide the fact that relations between the Georgian authorities and the Western partners, and especially with the European Parliament, were stormy, and I would like to say chaotic, over the past year. I am sure that you are familiar with the last two resolutions of the European Parliament regarding the violation of media freedom and safety of journalists in Georgia and the situation of former president Mikheil Saakashvili," the MEP noted.


According to her, many difficult issues will have to be discussed at the meeting of the European Union-Georgia Parliamentary Association Committee.


"Let me start on another positive note, an opinion poll commissioned by IRI in April showed that 89% of Georgians approve of EU membership, an all-time high. The Georgian government and the parliamentary majority must now fulfill their promises not to us, but first of all to their citizens, who really aspire to join the European Union. As I said earlier, this is a window of unique opportunities and we don't know how long it will be open, it can close quickly, so this historic chance should be used," said the MEP.


*The quotes in the article have been double-translated from Georgian and wordings may be inaccurate.




source: IPN 

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