Irakli Gharibashvili: We expect from Europe the only correct and fair decision, we expect candidate status

26.05.23 14:00

The first enemy of freedom is war. Today, our fraternal Ukrainian people are making huge sacrifices to protect their freedom in the brutal war started by Russia. I once again express my support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, I wish for a quick end to the war, peace, reconciliation and freedom, - Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili said during his speech at the ceremony dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia. As the head of the government noted, the main responsibility and obligation of the Government is to maintain and strengthen peace, protect its own people and save the country.


"Today, dear friends, when the threat of nuclear war is the most acute in history, our main responsibility and obligation is to maintain and strengthen peace, protect our people and save our country. As a result of the Government's peace policy, despite the many destructive attempts of ill-wishers, internal and external enemies, Georgia remains an oasis of peace and stability in the region; And because we know well the price of war and the price of peace, as long as there is even a small threat to our country, our people, we will not stop fulfilling this obligation," said the Prime Minister.Our successes on the road to European integration are particularly impressive; I am proud that during my tenure as Prime Minister, I had the honor to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union, - said the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Gharibashvili, during his speech at the ceremony dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia.


According to the head of the government, as a result of this agreement, Georgia today enjoys free trade and visa-free travel with the European Union.


"Last year, we applied for joining the European Union and received a European perspective from the European Union, which was a truly historic decision. All this is the result of the work of our Government in the last ten years, it is our achievement, but we will continue to spare no effort so that the country receives candidate status at the end of the year, which will mark the beginning of a new stage of integration into the European Union.


In today's most difficult geopolitical situation, we, the Georgian Government and the Georgian people expect from Europe the only correct and fair decision, the recognition of Georgia's centuries-old aspiration, the united efforts of our Government and people – we expect candidate status from the European Union. Fair recognition of our merits from the side of Europe will be a historic step that will contribute to the end of polarization in the country, strengthening of peace and stability, further progress of our country", - said Irakli Gharibashvili.



source: IPN 

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