Shalva Papuashvili: The national and EU flags are raised in front of the Parliament, if anyone is looking for the flag, they can open their eyes - if anyone is upset at the sight of the Georgian flag, they should stay at home and not go out on the street on May 26

26.05.23 10:40

If anyone is upset at the sight of the Georgian flag, they should stay at home and not go out on the street on May 26, because they will see too many Georgian flags on the streets of Georgia, said the Chairman of the Parliament, Shalva Papuashvili.


According to him, he has not yet received the joint letter written by the opposition deputies of the Parliament of Georgia to the Speaker of the Parliament, and he heard about it from the media.


"The fact that this text appeared in the media sooner than reaching me shows what the purpose of the address was, the public sees once again how non-serous the opposition is.


Issues that have nothing to do with Europe are called Europe. The initiators of this letter, (I didn't receive this letter, I saw it in the media) these people appear at the Parliament session and talk about depolarization in a pathetic tone. And at the same time, this concerns Lelo especially, they plan to embitter Georgian citizens the day of tomorrow, May 26, when the whole country should celebrate our Independence Day. They stand and invent non-existent problems, then they get upset about it, then they start arguing about it themselves and get upset with others. Such an attitude is not serious. They don't even have a little respect for May 26 and Georgia's Independence Day," Papuashvili said.


According to him, non-governmental organizations are involved in this.


"In addition, it is even more disappointing that non-governmental organizations, organizations on which foreign money is spent, are involved in this disinformation propaganda. Organizations in which donors spend money, these organizations stand and manage such hysteria in connection with the national holiday of Georgia, and then representatives of those donors or representatives of embassies will sit on the tribune tomorrow and participate in the parade, in parallel with this, the NGOs funded by them will organize hysteria regarding this issue, that's an attitude that proves dishonest aid to the country. The money of the foreign country and the money of the citizens should not be spent to spoil the national holiday of the host country," said Papuashvili.


According to him, two flags are raised in front of the Parliament of Georgia: the national flag of Georgia and the flag of the European Union, and "if someone is looking for a flag, they should open eyes and see this flag".


"Regarding the decorations, the decorations are themed every year and match the respective theme every year. If someone gets upset when they see the Georgian flag, they should stay at home and on May 26, don't go out on the street at all, because they will see a lot of Georgian flags on the streets of Georgia.


I am addressing the citizens, our opposition, some non-governmental organizations have the only goal to think of something to make people nervous, to put them in a bad mood. Tomorrow we have a big celebration, our Independence Day. Allow the Georgian people to celebrate their own national holiday. Allow them to celebrate - I address our radical opposition, as well as those people who don't know where to take foreign money. Instead of getting on the nerves of their own citizens, they should sit in their offices, sit in their homes, if they don't like to see Georgian flag, they should stay at home," Papuashvili said.




source: IPN 

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