With Love To Freedom - May 26 message this year

25.05.23 13:10

With Love to Freedom is this year’s message for May 26, Independence Day of Georgia.


According to the governmental administration, beginning in 2016 annually, this day has different themes around which a campaign, motto, celebratory videos, and decorations are arranged in Tbilisi and throughout Georgia.


Last year, the slogan for May 26 was Towards Europe.


In 2018, Georgia celebrated the 100th anniversary of the First Democratic Republic.


Georgia’s Independence Day in 2017 coincided with the 850th anniversary of the birth of Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli, who wrote the renowned poem The Knight in the Panther’s Skin. As a result, the 2017 Independence Day tagline was “I come from the country of Rustaveli.”




source: 1TV

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