Giorgi Vashadze: The main message of the Prime Minister's speech in Qatar for the whole world was: "Leave us alone, we want Russia!"

24.05.23 17:30

At the economic forum ongoing in Qatar, it was not the Prime Minister of Georgia speaking to us - it was a pro-Russian "bot" who spoke on behalf of Georgia with messages useful for Russia - we are dealing with the betrayal of Georgia and the betrayal of European interests! - Giorgi Vashadze, the leader of Strategy Builder, made the mentioned statement in the Parliament.


According to Vashadze, Prime Minister Gharibashvili's speech represented the defense of Putin's positions in absolutely all components.


According to him, the main message of the Prime Minister's speech for the whole world was: "Leave us alone, we want Russia!"


"Irakli Gharibashvili’s speech at the Qatar Economic Forum was the hardest blow to Georgia's European perspective. Citizens of Georgia, please listen to the Bloomberg journalist's interview with him in front of the world media and world leaders - unfortunately, it was not the Prime Minister of Georgia, but Putin's personal representative who spoke.


He supported the Russian model of military action in Ukraine, as if Ukraine had to give up something. If Ukraine has to give up, then Georgia has to give up too, isn’t it?! In other words, do we have to give up something regarding the territories occupied by Russia?!


He also repeated the main narrative of Dugin's ideology and said that Georgia's economy will collapse without trade with Russia. This is an ideology developed by Dugin.


After that, will anyone ask a question that these people love Georgia and want the country's European integration?


The goal of the Government is to stay face to face with Russia, isolate the country and establish the Belarusian regime", said Giorgi Vashadze.




source: IPN 

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