Does Georgia need the Novorossiysk-Batumi ferry for Armenia?

24.05.23 11:45

Attempts by both Armenia and Russia to organise transit between them through Georgian territory without de-occupying Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region or returning refugees continue unabated. There is a new attempt at the Batumi-Novorossiysk ferry project.


This ferry is intended to become both a channel for supply of goods to Armenia (including, quite possibly, arms), and a way to circumvent sanctions for Russia to continue its aggression against Ukraine. Moreover, the Georgian public is somehow the last to know that such a ferry is to be launched.


The Armenian Ministry of Economy invited entrepreneurs to report that "the launch of cargo transportation by the sea route Batumi-Novorossiysk has been made and there is already an alternative to Lars.


"As of today, our ship can carry 350 containers. We are planning one regular weekly voyage between Novorossiysk and Batumi. Parallel to the demand, we will be able to increase the number of shipments by 2-3 times as necessary.  This kind of cargo transportation can be very profitable for many businessmen. Cargo reaches its destination within 20-24 hours. There are no problems en route, entrepreneurs can be sure that goods will reach partners on time. As for our pricing policy, we can offer stable prices throughout the year. The Government is planning to subsidize the cargo transportation in order to make it more affordable for the businessmen", told David Eloyan, the director of the operating company of CISM INTERNATIONAL, in his talk with "Armenpress".


It turns out that when Georgian civic activists protest against the resumption of flights between Russia and Georgia (which were already in fact transiting through Yerevan, giving additional earnings to Armenian airlines) - a very quiet blow to the state interests of Georgia is being prepared. And also against Ukraine! After all, it is no secret that it is Armenia that is used by the Kremlin regime as the main channel to circumvent sanctions and obtain Western military technologies. In particular, most of the microcircuits supplied in circumvention of sanctions, which are then used in Russian weapons systems, including missiles that bombard peaceful Ukrainian cities, go through Armenia.


Military components of weapons and technology are received by the Russian Federation via Armenia by air freight. However, many more weapons and components can be delivered in containers by sea ferry. That is the purpose of launching the ferry Batumi - Novorossiysk. And it turns out that by agreeing to such a ferry, Georgia will contribute to bypassing sanctions and continue the war in Ukraine and the deaths of civilians!


At that it should be noted that the launch of the ferry from Batumi to Novorossiysk will give Armenia and Russia, in fact, the same rail transit that they seek by opening transit through the occupied Abkhazia. This again removes from the agenda the question of the need for speedy de-occupation of Abkhazia and the return of Georgian refugees. And Abkhazia will continue to be settled by persons of Armenian nationality who are actively "settling" in "trophy" Georgian houses and flats, and after the launch of the ferry they will be able to easily transport their belongings from Armenia in containers through Georgia, Batumi and Novorossiysk.


The Batumi-Novorossiysk ferry for the sake of the interests of countries that support separatism and the dismemberment of sovereign states - Georgia and Ukraine - fundamentally contradicts both the national interests of Georgia and the objectives set by the international community, which seeks to stop the aggression of Russia against Ukraine. The same ferry will undermine efforts towards a peaceful settlement between Armenia and Azerbaijan. After all, by this ferry the Armenian revanchists may well receive arms for a new war, which they are preparing without hiding.



Grigol Giorgadze

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