The only salvation for Abkhazians and a chance to defend their identity is reunification with Georgia and reconciliation with the brotherly Georgian people!

16.05.23 10:00

The Kremlin's current flirting with Georgia has not brought the issue of de-occupation of Abkhazia and Samachablo and return of Georgian refugees any closer. Moreover, by this flirting certain forces want to achieve their main goal - radical change of the demographic balance in the separatist Abkhazia in favour of settlers. It is known of what nationality. After the complete collapse of the "Artsakh" project and plans of "miatsum", the top priority of the Armenian nationalists is "development" of foreign lands by the sea, in this case, Georgian Abkhazia.


The process of relocation of ethnic Armenians both from Karabakh and from Armenia itself to Abkhazia is already underway. But so far, the separatist law, which at the time was "written" at the behest of the Armenian lobby to prevent return of Georgian refugees to their homes, remains an obstacle to mass settlement of outsiders in Abkhazia.


Now only those who have separatist citizenship can buy land and real estate in Abkhazia. Because of this, for example, even Georgians living in Abkhazia in the Gali district who have had their separatist passports revoked are deprived of such an opportunity.


Abkhazian Armenians holding separatist passports (or who, contrary to separatist laws, are issued such passports by the separatist authorities - as Ruben Tatulyan) are already engaged in mass purchase of real estate for their compatriots. But many Armenian IDPs would like to buy houses and flats directly. All the more so because most of them have citizenship of the occupier's country, the Russian Federation, which has separatist puppets on its "full payroll.


Today the separatist authorities are pushing through the "law on apartments" to facilitate buying of real estate for mass settlement of settlers in Abkhazia. Abkhazian patriots are outraged by this and are trying their best to slow down the adoption of the law, but the issue here has already been resolved.


Moreover, an information campaign is starting against the Abkhazians as "ungrateful" people who do not want to fulfill wishes of their "breadwinners" and occupants regarding sale of their country. And to emphasize the "ingratitude of the Abkhazians" former rabid Georgianophobes suddenly begin to praise Georgia and Georgians!


On May 15, 2013 telegram channel Nabat, which is close to the Kremlin and the Russian Armenian lobby, published a post ( with the following content:


"An anti-fascist forum will be held in Moscow on 22 June. It will bring together representatives from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Abkhazia, among others... No, wait, Georgia, not Abkhazia.


This is a strange thing. In Georgia, a country which is on its way to the EU and NATO, Russians are not limited in rights. Russians can buy and sell any real estate in Georgia. Moreover, Georgians in recent years are even building entire neighbourhoods, counting on investors from Russia. And amid the menacing rhetoric of Salome Zurabishvili about Russia and Russians, real business between Georgians and Russians is only growing, bringing benefits to both sides.


With Sukhumi, it is exactly the opposite on all counts. Russia feeds and feeds Abkhazia, allows its residents to get Russian passports and enjoy all benefits and opportunities of the great country. Abkhazians are not oppressed, are not prevented from living, studying, raising their children here and doing business. They receive our pensions, benefits, payments for birth of children, soft loans for young families, in general use the full range of opportunities that are provided by the state. And what is the answer?


In response, we find out from Abkhazian resources that Abkhazians do not want to see Russians in their country as full-fledged citizens that have equal rights with Abkhazians. We cannot even buy commercial real estate legally and need to look for "tricks".


I have a simple question for us, not the Abkhaz, in this regard: why are we giving the residents of Abkhazia so many preferences? What is our interest in this?


Russia annually fills the budget of Abkhazia with 10 billion rubles in direct subsidies. There is another 3, 5 or 1 billion from various departments on top. We give them all the benefits of our state only because for some reason they believe they have a right to obtain our passports. In fact, every working Russian, apart from their pensioners, their social security, defence and other expenditures is spending money to make sure that some guys from the Black Sea mountains live happy, give a damn about our basic interests in their country and even allow themselves to consider this state of affairs normal.


This situation seems strange to me. And I also see that in a couple of decades Russia will grow allied relationship with Georgia, up to the point that Tbilisi will enter SCO, BRICS and CSTO. If I were Sukhumi, I would think about it, whether it is worth fending off deep integration with Russia today and discriminating against Russians."


Abkhazians are being told directly - you cannot stop buying up your land and real estate! While they are frightened by "allied relations between Russia and Georgia". But sane Abkhazians are no longer afraid of their Georgian brothers. So we can not doubt that the threats to Abkhazians from the occupants and the Armenian lobby will have another nature - they will simply be forced to "pay the bill", as they are already saying openly: You received billions from the Russian budget? Yes, we did! Why then do not you comply with our wishes? Please, either do it or give us the money back! No money? Then pay with what you have - land and real estate!


Under occupation, Abkhazians have no chance to defend their identity and not be deprived of their land. All the more that the occupants are full of chants about "integration", i.e. about annexation. Following the same script, which was used to annex the Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories - Crimea. The only salvation of the Abkhazians and a chance to defend their identity is reintegration into Georgia in the form of autonomy, guaranteed by the Constitution of Georgia, and reconciliation with the brotherly people of Georgia!




Grigol Giorgadze

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