Irakli Gharibashvili: We are not a war-minded government - the real threat to our country is the so-called Ukrainization plan

24.03.23 13:50

We are not a war-minded government - their [Ukraine's] desire was to have Saakashvili in power, who would have started a war against Russia - the real threat to our country is the very plan, the conspiracy that exists against our country, this is the so-called Ukrainization plan, - the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Gharibashvili, said in his speech at the plenary session of the Parliament.


According to Gharibashvili, the goal announced by the Ukrainian authorities is in line with the goals of the "fifth column".


"As for the risks of the war and its direct impact on the security environment of Georgia after the end of the war - we all understand that the results of the war in Ukraine will have a direct impact on our country. Even now, the war in Ukraine is having an impact on us. I just want to remind the public of the facts and the truth - since the beginning of the war and before that, there have been many attempts of opening the second front in our country and Georgia's involvement in the war. The phrase "second front" was uttered by the secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine. Mr. Danilov came out and said that their desire and goal was to open a "second front" in Georgia. He also added that their goal and task was to divert Russia's attention to another country. He noted that not only Ukrainian women and children should die, but also other countries should feel the consequences of that war. This is the content of the speech we have all heard. After that, we remember very well the statements of the representatives of the Ukrainian Government.


We are not a war-minded government. They wanted Saakashvili to be in power, who would have started a war against Russia, join Ukraine and involve Georgia in the war. We remind you of the statement by Vano Merabishvili, who is the informal leader of the National Movement. Speaking in Russian on a Ukrainian channel, he said that their goal was to overthrow the government, change it, and then start a war against Russia. These are evidences, I am only reminding you of the facts.


As for the challenges facing our country, 20% of our country is occupied. The troops of the occupying country are standing on the historical lands of our country. The real threat to our country is the plan, the conspiracy that exists against our country, the so-called Ukrainization plan and opening of the second polygon, the second front. I would like to remind everyone that today our country is neither a member of the European Union nor NATO, we do not have any security guarantee. 20% of our country is occupied by the number one nuclear power”, said the PM.




source: IPN 

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