Mamuka Mdinaradze on conflict at plenary session: Insulting others has become easier for our opponents, which is hard for a Georgian person to tolerate

22.03.23 17:00

According to Mamuka Mdinaradze, the chairman of the Georgian Dream faction, insulting others has become easier for the opponents, which is hard for a Georgian person to tolerate.


This is how Mamuka Mdinaradze responded to the incident and verbal confrontation at the plenary session, during which two Georgian Dre­am MPs Viktor Japaridze and Levan Mgaloblishvili, threw a microphone at opposition MP Tariel Nakaidze.


"If I told you now that they were arguing about sports and then they had a fight, I would be lying to you. It was an unpleasant incident, not a good one. It has become easier for our opponents to say things. They insult people, which, especially for a Georgian person, is very hard to stand. You can tell me that there is an obligation of restraint, of course, the MP has an obligation to tolerate each other's statements, but is this obligation of restraint only for one side?! They talk about such filth, it is impossible to tolerate it in some cases, but we must do everything, as in this case, to prevent such incidents," said Mdinaradze.




source: IPN 

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