Paata Manjgaladze: The party may reconsider the issue of boycott

22.03.23 14:00

According to Strategy Builder MP Paata Manjgaladze, the party may reconsider the issue of boycott.


As he explained to journalists, the resistance to so-called agents' law in the Parliament yielded more results than the boycott.


"We explained everything well about the Russian draft law, we held a debate at the committee, then at the plenary session, which yielded more results than the boycott. Therefore, I may raise the issue of whether we should reconsider the issue of boycott. In terms of implementing the 12 recommendations, it would be wrong to continue the boycott, on the contrary, we should take part. As we talked about the Russian law, the same should be said about the recommendations. Not only Russian law was sabotage, it is sabotage when you don't carry out judicial reform, when de-oligarchization doesn't happen, or when it happens in a bad way, when the anti-corruption agency is subordinated to Gharibashvili. When you want the European Union, you shouldn't say that the European Union is the Soviet Union.


Kobakhidze has become a propagandist and I am surprised how this young man has mastered the Soviet propaganda methods so well, he uses the repealed law every day in his propaganda, he says that the [Department of State] report is based on the opinions provided by the agents. It seems that the goal was not transparency but to stigmatize people. Gharibashvili is also involved in intimidating the population, which is a Russian hybrid propaganda strategy. He comes out and says that we are facing the threat of the third world war, he is not interested in the statements of the West, the USA or the European Union, he listens carefully to Putin so as not to irritate him. They are ordinary Russian propagandists", said Manjgaladze.




source: IPN 

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