MEP Marina Kaljurand urges Georgian politicians not to waste the window of opportunity

15.03.23 17:20

“The war in Ukraine opened the window of opportunity for Georgia. Do not waste it,” said MEP and Chair of the South Caucasus Delegation, Marina Kaljurand in the European Parliament during the debates on the Situation in Georgia held on March 14.


The MEP said she had two messages to the Georgian people.


“First, we, members of the European Parliament, know and respect the choice of closer European and Trans-Atlantic integration. You have been very clear and consistent in expressing your European aspirations. We support you and we stand with you on the European path.


Second, we will never, I repeat, never drag you into any war. We remember the war of 2008 and the human lives lost. We will never recognize the occupation of Georgia, we will always support Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We wish the Georgian people peace, security and prosperity.


My message to the Georgian politicians is very clear – the war in Ukraine opened the window of opportunity for Georgia. Do not waste it. Remember that today the Ukrainians are fighting and dying for their future and also for your future. And that the attacks on the official persons and President Zelenskyy is disappointing and unacceptable. The window of opportunity will not remain open forever. Do what the people expect from you,” she said.




source: 1TV

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