Sergey Shamba: Abkhazia does not discuss topics related to the "loss of sovereignty or independence"

17.02.23 12:20

Abkhazia's president cannot negotiate on Abkhazia’s accession to Russia, said Sergey Shamba, the secretary of the so-called security council of occupied Abkhazia.


Shamba commented on Aslan Bzhania's visit to Moscow and said that the occupied Abkhazia's "constitution does not allow discussion of this topic".


"Such issues cannot be resolved like this - the president left, returned and we are part of Russia. We have a constitution that does not allow discussion of this topic," he said.


He also noted that Abkhazia does not discuss topics related to the "loss of sovereignty or independence".


According to Shamba, Abkhazia provides for criminal liability even for "raising such an issue".


"We have not discussed anything similar with the leadership of the Russian Federation. We only heard from the officials that the recognition of Abkhazia is not subject to revision, this has been done many times. Both the President and other officials of the Russian Federation have spoken about it," said Shamba.


According to him, today Bzhania will hold a meeting in the Security Council of Russia. Shamba himself is planning to arrive in Moscow in the near future.




source: IPN 

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