Occupiers' terror against Abkhaz patriots begins

09.02.23 17:20

The Kremlin leadership is obsessed with resorts by the warm sea. Even when defeated in its aggression against Ukraine, the Kremlin is reportedly ready to consider returning most of the occupied territories to Ukraine except for one - Crimea. Vladimir Putin and his entourage do not agree to return Crimea under any conditions and are prepared to start a nuclear war and exterminate millions of people in order to keep it.


However, Putin liked Pitsunda in Georgia's occupied Abkhazia much more than resorts of the Crimea. Separatist puppets have obediently signed an agreement on transfer of this territory to Russia and it only remains to be ratified by the separatist "parliament". But here the patriots of Abkhazia were outraged that even though they were stupefied by the separatists and have not yet recovered from Georgian phobia, they still resent the fact that their land was taken away for nothing.


There was a scandal, and the separatist leadership, including puppet Aslan Bzhania, could not convince the Abkhazians that their land should be "gifted" to the Kremlin leadership for summer residences.


 The situation was also aggravated by the fact that to the scandal with Pitsunda was added a scandal with giving out separatist citizenship by the same Aslan Bzhania to people who have nothing in particular to do with Abkhazia, first of all Armenians. In particular, the separatist "citizenship" was given to Armenian criminal authority Ruben Tatulyan in addition to all the separatist "laws". In particular, the leader of the Abkhazian people's movement Adgur Ardzinba was outraged by this but at a personal meeting the same Tatulian publicly "put in place" Ardzinba.


Even for the most naive Abkhazians it became clear that they were losing their land - the best pieces will be taken for villas by the Russian government and the remaining Abkhazian land will be massively settled by Armenian settlers. This despite the fact that the number of Armenians in Abkhazia already far exceeds the number of Abkhazians themselves.


"Kavkazplus has already written that Abkhazians do not have a chance to defend their land alone against encroachments of the Kremlin and Armenian nationalists. Moreover, those who have their eyes on Abkhazian land today have many ways to quickly deal with the disgruntled. Beginning with forced mobilization for war in Ukraine, where they will surely die, and ending with terror and reprisals. And it seems that the occupants, through their separatist puppets, decided to resort to the latter "without wasting time".


It all started with the fact that on February 6th 2023 a meeting was held of the separatist structures - the so-called "state security service of the republic of Abkhazia" and the so-called "Foreign Ministry of Abkhazia" headed by puppet of the Armenian lobby (Sergei Lavrov and Margarita Simonyan) Inal Arsinba. As a result of the meeting, the head of the so-called "SSB of Abkhazia" Robert Keewout, in the best tradition of the Cheka-NKVD-KGB-FSB, announced the existence of "enemies of the people" in separatist Abkhazia who dare to "create an anti-Russian agenda":


"Destructive and hostile forces from outside are attempting to exploit the allegedly anti-Russian sentiment in society. An anti-Russian agenda is artificially created with references to various stages of Abkhaz-Russian relations. These attempts have nothing to do with reality"., — said Keewout.


It was also pointed out that one of the cases of "creation of an anti-Russian agenda" is considered to be criticism on social media of the separatist "law on apartments" in Abkhazia. According to Telegram channel Respublica, "the authorities are looking for options to circumvent the ban on the sale of real estate to foreign citizens."


"If this law is passed, foreign citizens will be able to buy real estate. The best land will go for the construction of apartments; real estate prices will grow several times and it will no longer be available to our citizens," the authors of the channel believe.


Separatist "chekist" Robert Keewout also stated that "in connection with the EIA in Ukraine" (as Russian propaganda calls the aggression against Ukraine), Russia is trying to weaken it, an information war is being waged against it. The head of the separatist SSR reminded that it is Russia that guarantees peace, stability and security in Abkhazia. He stressed that the security services "will take tough measures within the law against those carrying out anti-Abkhazian projects.


That is, this is a direct declaration of hunting "enemies of the people", which from now on includes all those who do not agree with distribution of the Abkhazian land to aliens and occupants.


But in order to "justify" reprisals against those opposed to the sale of Abkhazia their organizers need "outrage of the Abkhazian public at anti-Russian activities" of Abkhazian patriots. Just like during the Soviet repressions all kinds of "social activists" demanded "reprisals against enemies of the people".  And it was quickly organised by the separatists.


The next day several "Abkhazian public associations and figures" loyal to the occupants sent an appeal to the Foreign Minister of the republic Inal Ardzinba and chairman of the State Security Service Robert Keewout demanding "to provide a detailed explanation with a list of organizations of western security services and names of those on whom and through whom they are trying to influence in Abkhazia".


The authors of the appeal stress that "attempts to spread labels with allusions to those who openly express their views on the issues of the agreement on the transfer of the state house in Pitsunda, on attempts of privatization of the energy system, on imposition of another topic of "apartments" on the society are unacceptable and unacceptable.


Thus, anyone in the separatist Abkhazia who so much as mentions the inadmissibility of transfer of Pitsunda or distribution of land and real estate to Armenian settlers, automatically becomes an "agent of Western intelligence services" and "enemy". Who, given the fact that Russia, occupying Abkhazia, is at war in Ukraine, is likely to be dealt with very quickly "according to the laws of war. Without any "democracy" and especially without "respect for human rights".


One does not have to go far to find examples. In the occupied Ukrainian territories, in Crimea and Donbas, any resistance or even simple public expression of dissatisfaction with the occupiers and their separatist proxies and collaborators is brutally suppressed. People are simply disappearing and dying in the torture chambers of the occupier's security services, where the most brutal torture is practiced. Alas, the same prospect awaits many Abkhazian patriots.


The leader of the Abkhazian People's Movement Adgur Ardzinba (who also had the temerity to quarrel with the powerful Ruben Tatulyan with whom even the separatist president Aslan Bzhania is "on the run") is one of the first "candidates for reprisal. Realizing this Adgur Ardzinba tried to defend himself from actually "firing squad" accusations of creation of "anti-Russian agenda" in the current situation. And very clumsily he tried "to make Aslan Bzhania an edge":

"On the issue of combating so-called anti-Russian sentiments in Abkhazia.


The main catalyst of anti-Russian sentiments in Abkhazia is a man who travels around the districts and draws parallels between the issue of transfer of the Pitsunda state property with Russia's military presence in Abkhazia and financial assistance. Thus he publicly questions Russia's consistency in terms of compliance with international agreements.


Moreover, he even managed to embarrass Russian President Vladimir Putin personally on the international arena by making Russia look like an extortionist and blackmailer. That was immediately seized by Georgian and Ukrainian media, which presented information to the world in this exact light.


And this man is Aslan Bzhania. No one else in the past 30 years has done as much damage to Abkhazian-Russian relations as the current president has done in less than three years". – distributed a statement by Adgur Ardzinba.


The naive Abkhazian opposition hiker does not fully understand that a real manhunt for people like him is about to start. In the very near future he can expect "tough measures" announced by the separatist SSS. And Aslan Bzhania clearly does what he is told in the Kremlin and by his Armenian friends.


In fact, "big terror" has already been declared in Abkhazia. Most of the patriots of Abkhazia are in danger of death. For the sake of their lives many of them should consider quickly moving to unoccupied territory of Georgia and sending their families there. While there is at least some possibility to do this.


In the current situation, Georgia, unfortunately, cannot save its citizens of Abkhazian nationality on the occupied territory from the arbitrariness of the occupants and their separatist puppets.  Only with the deoccupation of Abkhazia Abkhazian patriots, together with the brotherly people of Georgia will be able to engage in restoration of Abkhazia.




Alexander Gedevanov (Gedevanishvili)

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