FM hopes EU considers progress noted in EC Opinion

03.02.23 14:50

Georgian Foreign Minister Ilia Darchiashvili hopes the EU would consider Georgia’s progress in fulfilling the 12-point priorities, as well as the European Commission’s opinion on Georgia’s application for EU membership when making a political decision on awarding Georgia candidate status.


The EC opinion, according to the FM, confirms that Georgia merits EU candidate status and “leads with all criteria in completing the reforms envisaged under EU integration.”


“We expect that when the European side makes a political decision at the end of this year, it will consider the outcomes of the 12 priorities, as well as the progress highlighted in the report, which is the most essential factor on the route to EU full-fledged membership,” Darchiashvili added.


The FM praised all government officials for their work toward the country’s EU membership.


“The results in the given report are the outcome of the Georgian government’s effective, persistent reforms and the European political course, which is one of our foreign policy’s primary directions,” said Ilia Darchiashvili.


The European Commission published its Opinion on Georgia’s application for European Union membership.



source: 1TV

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