Jens Stoltenberg: We remain committed to the decision taken at the Bucharest Summit - NATO door remains open

29.11.22 15:20

We remain committed to the decision taken at the Bucharest Summit. NATO's door remains open, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at a forum in Bucharest, responding to a question that in 2008, NATO allies announced that Ukraine and Georgia would become NATO members and at what stage this process is now.


"The NATO door remains open. We demonstrated this by admitting Montenegro and North Macedonia to the alliance despite Russia's protest, showing that Russia has no veto power and joining the alliance is up to the 30 NATO members and aspirant countries, not anyone else. When Putin invaded Ukraine, he wanted less NATO on his borders and got the opposite. He now has a greater NATO troop presence in the eastern part of the alliance, and he will see Finland and Sweden join NATO. So we show that NATO's door is open not only with our words, but also with our action, and this was part of the decision made in Bucharest," Stoltenberg noted.


According to him, the alliance is currently focused on supporting Ukraine to ensure that Vladimir Putin is defeated and that Ukraine wins as a sovereign, independent state.




source: IPN 

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