Three opposition parties: The appalling violence perpetrated on a nun in the Tskhramukha monastery is the result of the most acute environment created by Georgian Dream

28.11.22 14:50

The appalling violence perpetrated on a nun in the Tskhramukha monastery is the result of the most acute environment created by Georgian Dream, reads the joint statement released by Strategy Builder, Droa and Girchi - More Freedom.


According to them, the responsibility for the brutal crimes that occurred in the last few days lies with "the pro-Russian Georgia­n Dream, which has made insecurity, fear, and cruelty a way of life and a norm.


"Everyone is vulnerable - children, women, journalists, activists, politicians. A violent system threatens each and every one of us.


Violence and lies are the main features of Georgia­n Dream rule. Division of society, constant confrontation, instillation of fear, physical and psychological violence against Georgian citizens creates a violent atmosphere in the country. If at the initial stage of Georgia­n Dream rule, state terror was aimed at political opponents and vulnerable groups, today the violent environment has penetrated almost all segments of society. The targets of the violent state's physical or verbal attacks, along with political opponents, are journalists, civil organizations, international partners of Georgia, all those who are unacceptable to the government, who threaten the one-man rule of Georgia­n Dream," the statement reads.


According to them, the violent environment is aggravated by the agreement of the state with the criminal world.


"In exchange for helping to maintain power, which is manifested in the violent influence on the will of the voters, illegal benefits are given to persons involved in criminal activities.


The state creates and supports pro-Russian criminal groups whose task is violence against people unacceptable to the government. This is the result of the severe violence committed against several innocent young people on May 17, 2013, as well as a series of serious crimes committed against journalists by pro-Kremlin groups on July 5, 2021, which ended with the death of Lexo Lashkarava.


The state illegally protects the violent groups created by it, which has become an important obstacle for Georgia to receive the status of a candidate for the European Union. The European Commission calls on the Georgian authorities to protect the rights of vulnerable groups, as well as to effectively prosecute their abusers and perpetrators of violence.


We believe that any type of violence, including the tragic facts of violence spread in the mass media in recent days, is the result of the most acute atmosphere created in the country. Unfortunately, it is impossible to solve the existing problems by reacting to the mentioned facts in isolation. Fundamental and complex political and public changes are necessary to change the violent background, to improve the situation," the joint statement of the parties reads.




source: IPN 

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