Mamuka Khazaradze promises Givi Razmadze to build a new house for him in Gugutianthkari

16.08.19 14:20

Mamuka Khazaradze has offered a construction of a new house to Givi Razmadze, a resident of Gugutianthkari, whose house has fallen beyond the occupation line. Khazaradze posted the respective statement on the social network.


“The Russian creeping occupation seizes our homeland on a daily basis. It is a battle for every inch of Georgian land. This war has its heroes – the people living there, who try to protect their families and the Georgian land with empty hands.


Today they lost their homes, which has already been added to the 20% of the occupied territories.


These families must live on their land again, where Russian soldiers are now erecting the barbed wire. It is our duty to stand beside them. Therefore, Givi Razmadze's family will have a new house in Gugutiantkari within a month. I would like to ask the Georgian business to help the people living there.


We will win this war, Georgia will be united!” reads Khazaradze's statement, which he posted after the houses of the Razmadzes and the Gugutishvilis fell beyond the occupation line in the village of Gugutiantkari. Representatives of the occupation forces gave the Razmadzes and the Gugutishvilis three days to take out their items from the houses.




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