Diplomatic corps plans to arrive in Gugutiantkari today

16.08.19 14:00

The diplomatic corps plans to arrive in Gugutiantkari today to see the illegal activities of the Russian occupation forces on the ground, - Foreign Ministry spokesman Vladimir Konstantinidi said yesterday.


According to him, the Foreign Ministry activated all leverages and appealed to the international community as soon as the occupation forces showed up in Gugutiantkari.


"A statement and official comments were made on August 7; meetings were held with the diplomatic corps; we communicated with the co-chairs of the Geneva International Discussions and the head of the EU Monitoring Mission. On August 8, the Georgian side raised this issue at the UN Security Council meeting, where member states condemned the illegal process of borderization on the occupation line and its grave consequences for the local population. On the same day, the US Department of State made a strict statement condemning the actions of the occupying forces; comments were made by other partner countries as well.


Yesterday, the ministry again made an official statement and held a meeting with the diplomatic corps. The foreign partners were provided with detailed information on the ongoing illegal processes,” Vladimir Konstantinidi said.


According to him, the agency continues intensive work with international partners.



source: IPN/ interpressnews.ge/

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