Mamuka Bakhtadze: Dear friends, you have to arrive in Mutso definitely, this is unique place

16.08.19 11:00

Mutso is the place of pride for Georgia and at the same time it is the part of world culture and European civilization, – Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze said in Mutso village, Khevsureti, where he met with locals today.


The Prime Minister said that Mutso preservation program, launched in 2016 with the support of the Cartu Foundation, has been implemented successfully.


“We are in the fortress Mutso, which is a point of pride for any Georgian. Mutso was on the verge of destruction a few years ago and we have begun to rehabilitate it. In 2016, with the support of the Cartu Foundation, we launched Mutso’s preservation program and it has been implemented successfully. Moreover, I would like to congratulate all of you, as a result of the competition conducted in Europe, Mutso has been included among the top 16 projects. I would like to ask every citizen of Georgia to be active on the internet, as Mutso has been nominated for the main prize and it deserves success.


Today, I am coming from Arkhota, a beautiful Gorge and I am happy. I met two beautiful couples there. The young Georgians took the decision to settle at their ancestral land. This is a great victory” – Prime Minister said.


As he notes, there was a lot of skepticism about the mountain development program and now the main victory is when young people are making the decision to live on their ancestral land.


The Prime Minister said that greater efforts must be made to create conditions for them.


Mamuka Bakhtadze says that this region has huge economic potential and the main goal is to build the proper infrastructure, for enabling the locals to develop their places of residence and attract more tourists.


With the support of Cartu foundation, 16 towers have already been restored in Mutso. This is five-year program which will be completed in the near future. I would like to call on all Georgians – Dear friends, you have to arrive in Mutso definitely, this is a unique place!” – Prime Minister added.



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