Foreign direct investments decreased by 35.5 % in 2018 in Georgia

15.08.19 16:00

Foreign direct investments (FDI) in Georgia amounted to USD 1 265.2 million in 2018 (adjusted data), 35.5 percent lower compared to 2017, - the Georgian National Statistics Office (Geostat) said on Thursday.


According to Geostat, the main reasons for decreasing the FDI include completion of a pipeline project, transferring of ownership in some companies from non-resident to resident units, providing adjusted profit-loss data from companies and reduction in liabilities to non-resident direct investors.


Share of FDI by major foreign direct investor countries allocated as follows: Azerbaijan (19.5 percent), Netherlands (16.5 percent) and United Kingdom (14.1 percent).


Share of FDI by three major economic sectors reached 48.0 percent in 2018. The largest share of FDI was allocated in financial sector, totaling USD 270.7 million. The construction sector was the second with USD 173.0 million, followed by the transports and communications with USD 163.0 million.



source: IPN/ interpressnews.ge/

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