Dimitri Khundadze: I couldn't imagine that the American ambassador would be so insincere

16.09.22 13:30

I couldn't imagine that the ambassador would be so insincere, this is how MP Dimitri Khundadze, who has left Georgian Dream, responded to yesterday's interview of the US ambassador, Kelly Degnan.


According to Khundadze, it is more Soviet than Western to correct justice in the embassy and to consider MPs’ questions a crime.


"I couldn't imagine that the American ambassador would be so insincere. She still did not answer questions and tried to avoid the truth.


Western values ​​are still attractive precisely because their foundation is the rule of law, freedom of speech and protection of human rights.


If justice should be corrected in the embassy, if ​​asking questions by MPs should be considered a crime and if they should not even be able to defend their own rights, not to mention someone else's rights, all this looks like Soviet than Western. Where is the real independence and sovereignty?


We ask our partners questions because we hope for them and we are interested in their true answers. But she doesn't even read our questions and accuses us of being pro-Russian. And if we don't like it, it seems we have to be silent, as "big brother is always right." Doesn't this look like an attempt of enslavement? However, "American slavery is better than Russian." No, sir, the Georgian nation cannot adapt to anyone's yoke.


American Degnan tells us that they want peace in Georgia, American Kinzinger calls on the Georgians fighting in Ukraine to "come to Georgia and overthrow the Government". The third American - Farkas talks about our involvement in additional sanctions and calls us to be on the front line together with Ukraine, saying that “if Russia invades Georgia, it won't win anyway", as if Russia is going to play backgammon with us.


Which one should we believe? Should we keep quiet again? I do not even mention the calls of Ukrainian high-ranking officials to get involved in the war.


She said she respects the different opinion of the opposition, but she perceived our different opinion as an attack.


Asked by a journalist whether the US was involved in the process of developing sanctions by the European Parliament, Kelly Degnan answered that she did not want to speak on behalf of the European Union. However, German MEP Viola von Cramon says that the resolution, referring to Bidzina Ivanishvili's oligarchy, was developed together with American partners. It should be noted that two months earlier, the American ambassador named Bidzina Ivanishvili as the greatest philanthropist.


We asked her whether she met Bidzina Ivanishvili and she denied, but it turned out that she met him and hid it from us. And she did not tell us why she concealed it”, Dimitri Khundadze said, adding that “everyone should like our flag! We will surely become a truly independent, strong democratic state!”




source: IPN 

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