Terms for launch of implementation of flights in 12 new directions by Wizz Air postponed

14.08.19 13:00

Terms for the launch of the implementation of flights in 12 new directions by Wizz Air Company from Kutaisi airport have been postponed.


According to the statement released by the air company, two new planes Airbus A320 will serve the airport from July and December of 2020.


Regular flights in 12 new European directions will be carried out from Kutaisi Davit Aghmashenebeli International Airport: Frankfurt, Hamburg, Baden-Baden, Venice, Naples, Nice, Pisa, Stockholm, Nurnberg, Poznan, Heraklion and Turku.


The flights of low-cost Wizz Air Company will be carried out by Airbus A 320 type of planes. There were no direct flights in direction of Finland and Sweden before.


The passengers, who have already booked or bought the air tickets, will be offered an alternative in the same directions. For tickets’ change, passengers have to contact the service center of Wizz Air at the following phone number: +995 706 777 037.



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