Government to sell 10 hectares of land for construction of block of apartments for military servicemen at a symbolic price

13.08.19 17:30

Another project will be implemented to provide housing for military servicemen and their families. In particular, the state will co-finance the construction of blocks of flats will be built for 635 officers in Tbilisi.


According to the Prime Minister's press office, a partnership has been founded for this purpose, which will get about 10 hectares of land on the Makhata Mountain from the government at a symbolic price. The government will also co-finance construction of individual housing for members of the partnership.


Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze spoke with Defense Minister and senior military servicemen about the project and other steps for providing housing for the military servicemen today.


As the head of the government stated, social security of the military is an important priority of the government and construction of apartments is a special project in this direction. The Prime Minister noted that numerous projects will be implemented to provide housing for the military servicemen and their families.



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