Improper parking tops list of top seven traffic law violations in Apr-Jun 2019

13.08.19 11:20

The most common traffic violation in Georgia in April-June 2019 is improper parking, data published today by the Georgian Interior Ministry reads.


The ministry reports that many drivers continue to drive and talk on the phone at the same time, which is also a threat to traffic safety.


Official data says that 845,280 traffic violations were recorded in April - June 2019.


The Interior Ministry of Georgia reports that the top seven types of traffic law violations in the last three months are as follows:


Parking in unapproved locations – 234,132 cases

Reckless driving – 175,988 cases

Exceeding the speed limit by more than15 km/h but by less than 40 km/h – 119,813 cases

Improper manoeuvring - 56,851 cases

Use of vehicle that has not passed inspections by person other than owner – 44,314 cases

Failure of driver or passenger to use seat belt – 43,993 cases

Driver talking on mobile phone while driving - 37,423 cases

3,820 surveillance cameras operate at the moment across the roads of Georgia, the Georgian Interior Ministry reports.



source: AGENDA/

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