Soso Gogashvili to Gomelauri: In the case of Machalikashvili, you secretly met with Mediko Margoshvili and tried to escape the case, you sent a dirty person to them, whom you pay to work against me

17.08.22 16:00

Soso Gogashvili, the former deputy head of the Security Service, addresses the Minister of Internal Affairs, Vakhtang Gomelauri, with an open letter. Gogashvili calls on Vakhtang Gomelauri to "have manly courage" and take responsibility for what he has done.


"Vakho, maybe for once you will have the courage of a man and take responsibility for what you have done. You are no longer "Lichnik", you are the Minister of Internal Affairs, a political official and a member of the political council of the ruling gang. I know that over the years you've practiced blaming others for your spoiled work, punishing others, and maintaining your position and unofficial colossal income, which is equivalent to the income of 10,000 ordinary policemen every month.


I cannot speak for anyone else, but I would like to recall, for example, the Machalikashvili case, when you could have stopped the dirty slanderous campaign against me with one of your statements, for example: Shavnabada special forces are not subordinate to Gogashvili and he could not issue orders to them, it is under my authority. Instead, you secretly met Mediko Margoshvili and tried to escape the case, and even worse, you sent a dirty person to this grieving family whom you pay to work against me in order to make the family believe in a crime allegedly committed by me. Unfortunately, he managed to do so and persuaded his grieving father to take revenge against me. The dirty person also made a note as proof of the completion of his task, which ended up in my hands thanks to kind people. I gathered all the evidence and filed a complaint against this dirty person in the prosecutor's office. These materials are now in your office, and you are taking care of it.


Vakho, despite the threats, I will fight to the end until I destroy this system.


I am doing this for you and your family, because soon, when this government will no longer exist and the state institutions will be freed from the tyranny of the oligarchs, the time will come for you to answer for the crimes you have committed, and then they will not come to your house in the middle of the night, they will not put guns and a thousand filth on you and your child. Together with Lukacho, they will not drag you to the ground, they will not beat you and put guns in your mouth, but they will summon you to a free agency, cleanly dressed, charge you and send you to the N 12 penitentiary, where ventilation will already be done and you will breathe cool and fresh air for a long time. P.S. This letter does not provide an admonition, if I know anything it s that you will not do anything without his order. I just couldn't manage to say this on the phone, so I'm writing to you now. See you soon 'dignified general'," Gogashvili writes on the social network.




source: IPN 

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