NGOs are starting the process of selecting candidates for Public Defender

17.08.22 13:40

The civil sector is starting the process of selecting candidates for the Public Defender. The non-governmental organizations decided to jointly develop the procedure for nomination of the ombudsman candidacy and the criteria that the ombudsman candidate must meet. In order to ensure the inclusiveness of the process, they offer human rights defenders, human rights groups and human rights organizations to participate in the selection process of the public defender until August 30.


According to the civil sector, the rules for naming the ombudsman candidates by the organizations will be written in detail after the formation of the extended composition is completed. 10 entities from the civil sector will be able to nominate one candidate for the ombudsman. This initiative is signed by 45 non-governmental organizations. The selected candidates will be presented to the political parties later.




source: IPN 

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