Nika Melia: Russian Dream published another anti-American statement - they continue to attack the US and our friends

17.08.22 11:40

The Russian Dream published another anti-American statement - they continue to attack the USA and our friends, this time the President of Estonia Toomas Ilves, who was in Tbilisi with other European presidents in August 2008, the chairman of the United National Movement Nika Melia writes in response the statement of the former Georgian Dream deputies.


As Nika Melia explains, Georgia will not be able to get the status of a candidate country under the conditions of the Russian Dream government.


"Russian Dream published another anti-American statement. Friendly advice from a strategic partner is taken by them as "instructions" and in this context the Soviet past is vaguely mentioned.


This statement of Russian Dream once again confirms several aspects of their activities:


1. They do not intend to carry out the recommendations of the European Commission, namely one of the main requirements - a real judicial reform;


2. They openly declare that they will not give up on the judicial system;


3. It was once again confirmed that punitive measures are being taken against those judges who do not obey the Russian Dream and the clan;


4. They continue to attack the USA and our friends, this time the President of Estonia, Toomas Ilves, who, together with other European presidents, was in Tbilisi in August 2008.


5. The statement reminds us once again that under the rule of the Russian Dream, we will not be able to get the EU candidate status, it is not worth even dreaming about membership," Melia writes.


For information, the former deputies of Georgia­­n Dream issued another statement. According to them, the American Embassy submitted a written document to the Parliament of Georgia a couple of days ago on judicial reform, which additionally supports their conclusion that all the efforts of the Embassy are aimed at weakening state institutions and strengthening the radical opposition. In addition, it is noted that the document delivered by the Embassy to the Parliament of Georgia contains a number of problematic and absurd instructions.


The letter also talks about the statement of the former President of Estonia, Toomas Ilves. According to their assessment, a new line of the Embassy's attack on the government was revealed, which was now voiced by the embassy and one of the lobbyists of the National ­Movement, Toomas Ilves. As they point out, instead of the "embassy having a healthy reaction to their statement, now they are threatening the country with international isolation under the pretext of trade with sanctioned goods."





source: IPN 

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