Agricultural extension specialist looking into pistachio, olive cultivation potential in Georgia

12.08.19 17:00

A specialist from the University of California is visiting Georgia to find out if there is potential for pistachio and olive cultivation in the country, announces the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. 


Louise Ferguson, an agricultural extension specialist of the faculty of Department of Plant Sciences of the University of California and a specialist working with the programme ‘Farmer-to-Farmer’ carried out by USAID, visited the Scientific-Research Centre of Agriculture in Georgian village of Jighaura today. 


While in Jighaura she visited a local research centre which has more than 300 varieties of plants, including kernel fruits, stone fruits, nuts and berries. 


"I am visiting Georgia as part of the USAID project in order to explore the potential of pistachio cultivation in Georgia. As I see Georgia has really good resources like proper climate and water that enables the cultivation of subtropical crops”, said Ferguson.


The Georgian Agriculture Ministry announced that the state plans to support Georgian farmers to cultivate pistachios and olives under the state programme ‘Plant the Future’.



source: AGENDA/ agenda.ge

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