Exclusive restaurant concept - Goya opened in Tbilisi

09.08.19 13:20

The official opening event of the one of its kind Gastro pub GOYA was held in Tbilisi on August 1. Creators of Gastro pub GOYA is the Mint Leaf Group with 40 years of experience in the World Hospitality Business and operates restaurants in London and Dubai. The first investment of Mint Leaf Group in Georgia amounts to three million GEL.


Well-known faces and cuisine experts were invited to the opening event of GOYA. Seasoned Executive Chef, -Pradeep Khullar hosted the guests at GOYA. His rich knowledge and sophisticated skills brought innovative food and drinks from across the world to Georgia with Goya. The culinary offering also incorporated some signature Georgian dishes with a twist. As the restaurant representatives say, the concept of Gastro pub throughout the world is very interesting and attractive, and Georgia is famous for its hospitality, therefore a unique concept such as this one will thrive in the vibrant city of Tbilisi.


"Our goal is to improve the hospitality business through investing in a gastro-pub and providing a concept to match the requirements of people's lifestyle," said Saubhagi Veer, Brand Manager of Goya Gastro pub.


Gastro pub is a high quality restaurant and pub hybrid compound that is customizable to a customer requirements where a customer can enjoy different and unique kinds of dishes, desserts, alcoholic and soft drinks.



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