Micheál Martin: Today's meeting of the European Council is very important for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

23.06.22 17:30

This is a very important meeting of the European Council, very important for Ukraine, very important for Moldova and for Georgia, from a European perspective, said Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin.


He said that today's meeting of the European Council is historic in terms of EU enlargement.


"We in Ireland know what the European Union, the membership of the European Union, means. Ireland's decision to join the EU was the most groundbreaking decision and event that has taken place in the modern history of Ireland. So I do not always understand that we can refuse to join other countries - because we know that membership itself can be a turning point. It may contribute to reforms, to economic development," said the Irish Prime Minister.


He said he thinks that today the EU will send a message of solidarity to the Ukrainian people that they belong to the European family.



source: IPN 

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