Josep Borrell: Now Georgia has a clear path, continue work on that

23.06.22 14:30

“Georgians now have a clear path, things to be done, a schedule, continue work, you are on a good track,” EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, told reporters on Thursday.


“Now, they [Georgians] have a clear path. They have things to be done, the schedule, so this is an important step forward. Continue work on that, you are on the good track,” Borrell said.


“When these criteria are met, candidate status will be granted automatically,” Joseph Borrell added.


On June 23-24, the Georgian government will receive a response from the European Council to its application for EU membership, which the country has completed together with Ukraine and Moldova.


On June 17, European Commission published a recommendation to greenlight EU candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova, while Georgia should meet certain conditions first. Until then, it benefits from a ‘European perspective.’



source: IPN 

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