Ursula von der Leyen: To succeed, Georgia needs to get united politically

23.06.22 10:00

"Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are telling us that they want Europe," European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said at the plenary session of the European Parliament.


According to her, they have a responsibility to make the right decisions relating to countries' EU membership.


"By applications, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia tell us they want a change, they want more democracy, they want freedom and strong reforms. They tell us they want Europe. We have a responsibility to them, but we also have a responsibility to make the right choice," she said.


At the same time, Layen noted that Georgia must unite politically to succeed.


"Georgia has the same aspirations and potential as Ukraine and Moldova. Their application has strength, in particular, the market orientation of its economy, along with a strong private sector. To succeed, the country needs to get united politically, it must work out a clear path towards structural reforms and the EU. The path, which includes relevant reforms, unites civil society and enjoys broad political support.


How far Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia will go depends on their actions and progress," von der Leyen said.




source: IPN 

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