A 27-year-old Georgian fighter died in "Azovstal" in Ukraine

12.05.22 12:10

27-year-old Georgian fighter Tato Bigvava died in "Azovstal" in Ukraine. As the sister of the deceased, Ana Bigvava, told InterPressNews, the body has not been removed from the area yet. According to her, Tato Bigvava is a citizen of Ukraine and he has been enlisted in the Azov Battalion since 2014.


Bigvava's parents are also in Ukraine. They moved to Ukraine after the war in Abkhazia.


"My brother has been defending Ukraine since 2014. He always said he should defend Ukraine and Georgia, because this is not just a war of Ukraine. We really did not want him to go to Azov and we told him not to do it, but he told us to respect his decision. He went to Azov with a friend, who blew up on a bomb in 2019. We were very upset by this and asked him to leave, but he said he would not leave now - that he had to take revenge for his friend," he said.


According to her, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky awarded Tato Bigvava a month ago for his courage.


The family wants to transfer the body to Georgia. Bigvava is originally from Zugdidi.



source: IPN 

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