We want peace and freedom, therefore we want Europe, President says

10.05.22 10:00

“Construction, but not demolition; Freedom, but not slavery; Unity, but not controversy; Peace and not war. Europe was built on these principles and has come to the present day,” Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili addressed the event dedicated to Europe Day on Monday, stressing the Georgian people aspire to Europe because of these principles.


Zourabichvili spoke about the current developments in Ukraine and noted that Europe faced the gravest challenge today.


“Russia has declared war not only against Ukraine but all the principles on which Europe stands,” she said.


According to the President, Georgia’s journey to Europe has moved to a new dimension so that a distant perspective is now open to it.


“The Georgian path to Europe, which runs through the Neighborhood, the Eastern Partnership, visa liberalization, free trade, and association status, has moved to a new dimension. Today, we gain a further perspective. Everything depends on us. Europe is the only way to stop asking whether “the peace or freedom,” because we all want both, peace and freedom, therefore we want Europe,” President added.



source: 1TV

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