5 persons arrested for killing two and wounding several others in a confrontation between up to 20 people in Tbilisi

04.04.22 12:00

The officers of Tbilisi Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs solved the fact of murder and wounding of several people in Tbilisi, reports the MIA.


According to the Ministry, as a result of the investigation and search operations - 5 people have been arrested.


"Police arrested K.M. (DoB 1987) for premeditated murder.


G.K., (DoB1971) has been arrested on charges of inflicting severe health damage on purpose.


For non-reporting a particularly serious crime the following persons were detained: formerly convicted G.G. (DoB 1986), G.A. (DoB1991) and formerly convicted G.P. (DoB1990).


The Ministry of Internal Affairs continues investigative activities to detain others involved in the mentioned crime.


In the course of investigation, it was established that on April 2 of the current year, a verbal argument took place between approximately 20 people in one of the organizations located near Kostava Street in Tbilisi. The argument later escalated into a physical confrontation, which was followed by gunfire from both sides.


K.K., born in 1971, died on the spot from a gunshot wound, and another person, V.G., born in 1970, died near the scene.


Four people received various body injuries during the confrontation, in particular: O.B. (DoB 1989), D.C. (DoB 1971), Kh.C., (DoB 1962), M.M. (DoB1989), all of whom were taken to hospital and are receiving appropriate treatment.


Investigation into the cases of premeditated murder committed by two or more persons under aggravating circumstances, unlawful purchase-storage-carrying of firearms, premeditated murder, non-reporting of crime and inflicting health injuries on purpose are in progress under Article 109, Part III, Subparagraph “A”, article 236 III and IV parts, Article 108, Article 117, Part VII, Paragraph "A" and Article 376, Part II of the Criminal Code of Georgia," reads the statement.



source: IPN 

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