Nika Gvaramia: What we saw is much heavier, the footage shows the use of force

21.01.22 18:00

What we saw is much heavier. It can be seen from the footage that the man was indeed deceived. The footage is a very difficult to watch, it shows the use of force, - Mikheil Saakashvili's lawyer Nika Gvaramia said after getting acquainted with the footage of the former president being taken to Gldani Hospital.


According to him, the footage shows that the noise and physiological pressure made by other prisoners was orchestrated.


"It can be seen from the footage that the person was really deceived. He refused to go and receive treatment at the hospital where he was taken, he was demanding to be sent back to Rustavi and no one had the right to transfer him to Gldani. They also lied that his lawyers and family members would come soon, which turned out to be a lie. You remember that we were standing there and we were not allowed to enter. The footage is very hard to watch, it shows the use of force”, said Gvaramia.



source: IPN 

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