Irakli Antidze: We demanded to specify the so-called charges in connection with the illegal detainees - the fight will continue until each of them returns to their own family

21.01.22 10:30

There was an extensive discussion about the detainees - the fight will continue until each of them returns to their own family, the deputy director of the State Security Service's information-analytical department said after a meeting in Ergneti today.


According to Irakli Antadze, in addition to illegal "border" crossing, three out of the illegally detained persons are accused of drug smuggling.


"The main issue discussed at today's meeting was the fate of our fellow citizens who are illegally detained in occupied Tskhinvali. There was a very extensive discussion and we were not provided with any concrete answer about them, however, this issue was under the control of our international partners from the very first minutes of the arrests and this control and involvement will move to an even more active phase as they are illegal prisoners and the fight will continue until each of them returns to their own family. Of course, there are some working versions, which, for certain reasons, I can not talk about now. We demanded to specify the so-called charges in connection with each of them - Mr Kaniashvili and Natadze are accused of illegal crossing of the so-called state border and drug smuggling.


As for Mamuka Chkhikvadze's condition, this issue was, of course, raised specifically and we asked for explanations regarding his condition, they officially stated that there is no reason why any kind of physical influence could be used against him and ruled out the possibility of such. We also received similar information through the "hot line". As you know, this information is not shared only between us, our international partners also have access to this information and therefore, it is less likely that this information does not correspond to reality. Mamuka Chkhikvadze is accused of so-called illegal crossing of the border and smuggling of drugs, as they said today.


As for the further so-called procedures, what is planned for all six illegally detained persons, the answer was received that these so-called procedures are underway and at this stage, they were not ready to provide more specifics," said Irakli Antadze.


According to the representative of the SSG, in addition to illegal detentions, one of the main issues discussed was the ongoing borderization process near the so-called demarcation line.


"As for the so-called borderization, the main focus of this issue was, of course, not only the context of Kirbali, but also the destructive and extremely dangerous actions along the occupation line as a whole. With regard to Kirbali, we specifically demanded an answer as to what these white markings meant, we demanded a confirmation or denial as to whether there is another wave of illegal so-called borderization. Unfortunately, we have not received a specific answer to this, which may indicate that such processes may take place on this segment of the occupation line, there is a theoretical probability of this. This issue is also under the control of international partners," said the deputy director of the information-analytical department of the State Security Service.


According to Antadze, at the 104th meeting held in Ergneti today, the situation in the village of Chorchana in Khashuri Municipality and the problems created for the people living on both sides of the dividing line due to restrictions on free movement were also discussed.


"Today, the issue of negative processes in the vicinity of the village Chorchana was raised once again, which puts the local population under constant fear.

There was still a demand from them to remove the standard police post, which is, of course, completely absurd, since this post is in the area controlled by the central government, there is police personnel with standard police uniform represented there and they could not explain how the twelve-member personnel can create a danger to a safe environment.


We talked about the problems in terms of free movement, which also poses great problems to the local population on both sides of the occupation line," said Antadze.



source: IPN 

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