Margarita Simonyan's revelation or where the Armenian lobby drags Russia

05.01.22 10:00

Today, the Armenian lobby has maniacally imposed, in fact, seized power in Russia, the "settings" of the New World Order, ranging from WHO recommendations to total digitalisation (which is being actively implemented by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin). One wonders whether it was an "accident" that the representatives of the "most ancient and long-suffering people" found themselves so close to power. Or maybe they were deliberately pushed to the forefront in Russia by powerful outside forces that need to destroy Russia as a state and build this very "new world order" at the expense of its resources. That is, to be more precise, a global concentration camp. With total control of everything, even thoughts and the division of humanity into a narrow layer of "elite" and totally submissive and controlled slaves.


On the eve of New Year 2022, the Kremlin's chief propagandist Margarita Simonyan started "talking openly" and drew a picture of this "marvelous new world". A really creepy global digital concentration camp, with mass division of people into "chosen" and "inferior" for the construction of which she is, in fact, trying to build. Here is verbatim her post on Twitter:


"In the beginning there was the Word. At the end will be the Numbers. 


In the future, science will converge with the religious premonitions of the prophets. It will turn out that the scientifically substantiated future of mankind differs from the biblical texts only stylistically. And we will inevitably face the end of the world, resurrection, eternal life, hell, paradise and, of course, the Last Judgment. 


How will it be? For example, like this. 


1. Resurrection. 


Already today, science can create a human organ from a cell. Tomorrow, a dead person will be recreated from DNA. They will resurrect. The right to resurrect loved ones will be a basic right for anyone living. Those who have no DNA left will be resurrected using the DNA of their relatives. 


2. Heaven and Hell. 


Global warming is already forcing entire nations to prepare for total emigration. Tomorrow the warming will turn today's glaciers into the blooming New Maldives (the old ones will have disappeared into the ocean by then) and the rest of the Earth into a blazing desert. Thus the Earth will be divided into heaven and hell. 


3. The Dreadful Judgment. 


The space and natural resources for a peaceful life in the New Maldives will not be enough for all the resurrected. Just kidding, a hundred to a hundred and fifty billion people ever lived on our planet at the time of the implementation of Resurrection technology. On a planet where resources are already almost depleted. 


And that is when mankind will guess once and for all to divide people into bad and good. Eternal life in the New Maldives will be given only to those who deserve it. 


How will it be done? Quite scientifically. This week, a paralysed Australian wrote his first ever tweet with the power of his mind thanks to a chip installed in his brain. Tomorrow it will be easy and straightforward to completely decipher a person's memory. 


Including a resurrected man. 


His brain, connected to a Mementograph of some kind, as routinely as an ultrasound now determines the sex of the unborn child, will itself tell the entire previous life of the patient, which can be hidden from the state and the Church, from his wife and friends, but not from his own memory. 


All the deeds. All thoughts. All meannesses. All graces. All envy and mercy. Vengeance and forgiveness.


And then, on the basis of the decoded memory, the Supreme Judge - an artificial intellect, a digital program, the Supreme Mind (whether it is the same as this infallible, impartial and all-powerful entity will be called in scientific terminology or as it is now called in the terminology of religious premonitions - I personally prefer the word Lord in the old way) - will give each person a verdict, not subject to review.  


According to the totality of his achievements in his previous, mortal incarnation, the man who has been resurrected will either get a double Eternal Life in the New Maldives or a hard labor in the desert of a blazing concentration camp, into which the rest of the Earth will turn. 


4. Eradication of the world. 


Already now the resources of our planet are almost exhausted. Soon there will be none left at all. Even to produce large quantities of electricity. The end of the world, therefore, will be quite literal - the entire earth will be blacked out.


5. Eternity. 


This year, Japanese scientists deciphered the brain's ageing gene. Tomorrow, all the genes that cause humans to age and die will be deciphered and reprogrammed. Any organ, including the brain, will be able to be rebuilt playfully, just as rotted teeth are now. 


The author of Ecclesiastes did not know "how bones are formed in the womb of a pregnant woman" - a student now knows this. The students of the future will make fun of our mortality. 


That's how I see it. I cannot see it, but I gaze. And there, already very nearby, they loom menacingly and comfortingly, those vague outlines of the only possible future. 


Remember this every time you prepare, as it was said, "even in your thoughts", to do something small or big, when you dare to sin against the main Commandment that is recited in the Scriptures: "Love your neighbour as yourself. 


Be a Man. Learn to forgive. Learn to humble yourself. Do not bring more evil into the world than is already piled up in it without you. Deserve Resurrection.


Buy a condo in the New Maldives in the foundation stage.


Happy New Year to all!"


Overall, it all makes sense. If translated from Simonian's cheeky and vulgar "margarito simonyanian" language, it is almost a picture of the Apocalypse. By the way, many people talked about it directly in the discussion that was held in social networks after Simonyan's "prediction" and, in fact, she confirmed the picture she had painted.


The most interesting thing is that Simonyan speaks about "lack of resources" while being in charge of propaganda in the world's most resource-rich country.

In other words, Russia's resources and its territory have already been "accounted for" in the construction of the so-called "New Maldives" by Simonyan's masters. But the majority of Russians will not be allowed to dispose of those resources and live there. They will have to be "culled" under the supervision of the AI and there is no doubt that most of them will be "rejected" for a new life.


It is also clear what the global powers that are building the so-called "new world order" have done to attract the representatives of the "ancient people", to which they have responded and rushed furiously to help them. After all, they have been convinced since they were infants that they were the "chosen ones". But not all the other peoples in the world today recognise their "chosenness". In the new world, however, a "properly tuned" artificial intelligence (AI) will finally make the "long-suffering" people dominate.


That is, according to Simonyan's interpretation, "compensation for genocide" will be the so-called "resurrection" of Armenians, who will become the world's elite in the "New Maldives". Well, the rest, "not ancient" or "not old enough" will not be resurrected. Except for the most obedient to be slaves of the chosen ones.


We are witnessing the most natural kind of Nazism and racism, clothed in "futurological imagery" and "eschatological" framing. It is almost the same Nazism that was at a more primitive level with Garegin Nzhdeh, but he wanted to divide people into "chosen" (including himself and his countrymen) and "inferior" intended for extermination by Hitler. Therefore he agreed to work for Hitler as an executioner for the sake of realization of the plan. Margarita Simonyan also hopes to become part of the "chosen ones" with the help of the Artificial Intelligence (AI)" which she believes will be manipulated by her fellow tribesmen like Mishustin.


Interestingly, in her Telegram Channel Margarita Simonyan quoted another TV channel clearly controlled by Armenian lobby - "Elder Edda" which deciphered her "prophecy" in less colorful colours, but apparently she does not particularly mind it. Here is an excerpt:


"...The digital world will not bring about an era of welfare, but rather a new Dark Age, with a horrific stratification of society. Yes, people will not have to catch rats for supper, and the executioner will not wheel the criminal for the amusement of the crowd. But the new Dark Ages, a total atomization of humanity, a withdrawal of the main mass of the population into the virtual world, leaving it only to spend social credits on protein paste from locusts.


 A virtual life, with virtual pleasures and a real shutdown of the human mechanism the moment its further functioning is deemed inappropriate by the AI.


And in this new wondrous world, the true elite will be those who will be able to live real lives, get real money instead of social credit and spend what they earn on things they can touch.


Opposing the elites of the huge digital megacities will be the outcasts from the forests and deserts, deliberately cut off from the World Wide Web for their low social ratings, or those who have gone to the Bedouin of their own free will. That's how I see the times to come...".


It is basically the same thing. There will be a division of humanity into the "elite" and the bulk of the masses reduced to a state of slavery, rejected or simply destroyed "out of necessity". And such plans, we should remind, arise not in the heads of marginal or mentally ill people, but in those who are responsible for the policy of Russia. It should therefore come as no surprise that decisions made by the Russian authorities, so influenced, often do irreparable harm to Russians and other peoples alike.




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