Mamuka Mdinaradze: We are not obliged to agree with all of the opinions of our western partners

03.12.21 11:20

"I want to show respect for any opinion, especially when this opinion, even criticism, harsh criticism, in some cases comes from our strategic partners, our western partners, but we are not obliged to agree with all of their opinions," Georgian Dream Executive Secretary Mamuka Mdinaradze in response to the statement by US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan, who said that some people did not seem to understand that democracy requires plurality of views - that one-party ruling works against it, that it risks the tyranny of the majority.


Mamuka Mdinaradze also spoke about the election threshold in the Free Studio program of PalitraNews and noted that it is unclear why a high election threshold is bad for Georgia, when it is considered good in more than half of European countries.


At the same time, according to Mamuka Mdinaradze, the Georgian Dream is ready to discuss a compromise option with the opposition regarding the election threshold.


“We have not heard an argument of why something considered good in more than half of the European countries will be bad in the contrary? However, this does not mean that we are stubbornly going to leave 5%. The second condition is valid, we are ready for a compromise, if we see some kind of compromise from the other side. We will sit down and decide what this country needs in the long run," Mamuka Mdinaradze said.



source: IPN 

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