Giorgi Ghibradze explains difference between Georgia e-Health and CovidPass Georgia apps

02.12.21 10:40

Let’s explain once again to our population what "green status" means. These are 3 different cases - when a person is fully vaccinated, i.e. has two doses of the vaccine, when he/she has a 72 hour validity PCR test, or a 24 hour validity antigen test and when the person has been infected with coronavirus. In this case, he is given "green status", - said the head of the operational headquarters of the Interagency Coordination Council, Giorgi Ghibradze.


He also explained in what cases citizens can use the Georgia e-Health and CovidPass Georgia app.


"As for the applications. These two apps are for different purposes.

Conditionally - for travelling abroad we need an application called Georgia e-Health and within the country we need CovidPass Georgia. CovidPass Georgia is much easier to use and it takes very little effort to register. The key here is to scan through the CovidPass Georgia app, which can scan any type of train that has a QR code on it”, he said.



source: IPN 

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