NGOs to talk about second round of elections at meeting to be held at EU office today

20.10.21 11:20

"Before the second round of elections, we are seeing more intensified polarization and confrontation, including through social networks," Nino Dolidze, head of ISFED, told reporters.


As she noted, today the non-governmental organizations will hold a meeting at the EU Delegation, where they will probably talk about the elections and the challenges related to the second round.


"There was no less aggressive campaign during the first round, however, in the second round it has intensified, as the second round is being held between two parties and their candidates in most cities, so we see more intensified polarization and controversy, including through social networks, where videos were posted. Therefore, we will talk about the environment we see and expect, as well as, perhaps, what recommendations our partners should make for the second round to ensure that the second round is held in a calm environment and citizens are given the opportunity to vote for those who they want", - said Dolidze.



source: IPN 

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