Mikheil Saakashvili calls on public officials, law enforcement and teachers employed in commissions to reject Georgian Dream, urges special forces and police not to disperse peaceful protests of their own people

19.10.21 11:40

Georgia's third president Mikheil Saakashvili calls on the public, including public officials, law enforcement officials and teachers employed in commissions to reject the Georgian Dream. Saakashvili posted the relevant statement on his Facebook page.


At the same time, Saakashvili calls on the special forces and police not to disperse the peaceful protests of their own people.


"Appeal to public officials, law enforcement officers, teachers employed in commissions and others.


My dear friends, you probably saw a huge gathering on October 14 at Freedom Square. 60 thousand people gathered and demanded the liberation of the country, and not only me, personally. They gathered with love and demanded great reconciliation. For me, this gathering and its spirit was an unmistakable sign that the regime no longer has any serious support in society. In the last days of its existence, the regime will intensify its violence against you and will try to use you to rig the elections. However, no falsification can help them - they have completely lost the trust and support of the main Georgian people. Without this, no one will ever be able to win the elections.


I would like to ask you to always remember that you are, first of all, the people of Georgia and like all normal people, you want to live in a free, democratic, protected and developed country, where your well-being will be ensured. What they make you do is against these goals and will lead our country to an abyss. Therefore, I urge you all to refrain not only from active fraud, but also from turning a blind eye to the ongoing fraud in front of you. Reject the Georgian Dream and choose your homeland.


I call on the special forces and police not to disperse the peaceful protests of their own people. It is your duty to protect people, not the regime or Ivanishvili personally.


I call on the representatives of the state media to openly tell the truth and refuse to expose blatant lies, and thus not to contribute to the destruction of our homeland.


Dear civil servants, you owe no one, on the contrary, the state owes you, since the vast majority of you work on poor wages and are in degrading conditions. Therefore, we consider it your duty to liberate you and then your talents and skills will be much more valued and each of you will feel much more realized and useful. Friendly greetings from Mikheil Saakashvili," reads another message from Mikheil Saakashvili.




source: IPN 

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